Cookie and Choco Cake

Cookie and Choco Cake




The scene starts off with a lonely boy blue frosted cupcake looking for the love his life. His lifelong dream has been to find his one true love ever since he popped out the oven.  Well right after he came out the oven so did this lovely pink cupcake. She was “the one” the girl he has been waiting for his entire life! He goes up to introduce himself to her and things turn out amazing for them two but then she meets a chocolate cake. Tall, dark, and delicious.  She couldn’t resist it. She leaves the blue cupcake for the big chocolate cake. He becomes lonely again and tries to win back her love by trying to look better then the chocolate like adding sprinkles to his frosting to add a spark in his look but nothing worked. In the end he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get her back, so he jumps from the kitchen counter to the kitchen floor and the dogs finishes him off.

What is Art?

Art is the beauty that makes this world interesting. Without Art on this earth, life wouldn’t be exciting. Art amazes us, whether it’s on paper or it is performed. We see it in movies, we see it on stage, and we see it in museums. Art is apart of our everyday lives. We wouldn’t have dance, sculptors, painting. There would be no Van Gogh, Picasso, or Monet or anyone if there was no art. People buy artist painting for millions of dollars. Art is important.  Art lets people express what they are feeling. It makes people happy and excited to create such master pieces! Art is everything in this world, without it, our world would be boring and lifeless

Dead Seed

The scene starts off with a grandma watering her garden.  Her 3 year old granddaughter then comes to her house to visit and asks to play outside in her backyard but her grandma tells her granddaughter not to go play in her garden. The little girl of course does not listen. She starts dancing in the garden having the time of her life.  Soon after the girl notices that the flowers and plants are also dancing with her, making her happier.  They are all having a jolly old time until the little girl steps on one of the baby flowers. That’s when things turn out for the worst. The mama flower tells the little girl to leave immediately. She walks away in sadness inside the house.  While the flowers are having a small funeral for the baby flower the little girl comes back with a seed. She plants the seed right where the baby plant used to be and just walks away. Months pass and flower she had planted grows into a beautiful full grown flower and the little girl comes back and sees that the flower is healthy and grown and the plants are happy with her and they start dancing. The End




Brian Hurton
Being a huge Tomb Raider fan this is my favorite concept art of the game. The way He portrays Lara Croft in this picture is great. He is painting her as a smart, no fearing woman, who can take on anything that challenges her


Julian Beever
3D chalk art is the most amazing form of art I have ever laid eyes on. The optical illusion it plays is amazing! The picture above makes it seem like it really there is a Giant Snail on the bench


Hayao Miyazaki
The uniqueness of his drawings are amazing! Never have I seen anything like it. He is also a director and he makes the most amazing anime films I have ever seen like “Spirited Away” (Image above)


Edgar Degas
I like how he drew the dancer rubbing her sore foot. It shows that hard work and dedication it takes to be a dancer.

What Love

1. I love to express myself in Dance. Dance is my everything, without it, I don’t know what I would want to do with my future. I fell in love with it when I was 13 so about 5 years ago. Dance is what helps me get through the day.

2. I am passionate about performing. I love getting on stage and I love the feeling of everyone watching my dance. I have a gift to show to the people. I love the adrenaline of being on stage and dancing my heart out and let everything pour into the stage.

3. I value my relationship with my friends and my family. My relationship with my family is very important to me. It may be hard at time but through out it all they do help me become a better person. My family has raised me to become a very good young adult and I am great full for that. They also taught me what not to do when I become an Adult. If I didn’t have a strong relationship with them I don’t know how I would turn out. The relationship with my friends is very important to. Without them I would not be as happy as I am today. They bring me joy every time I see them.